Some recent work from our new artist Sara


check out Sara’s instagram @sararabbit for more of her recent work.

For booking :

Sara has some designs up for grabs

Sara has a whole portfolio of animals needing to find a new home.

Sara is constantly updating the drawings in there so why not pop in and have a look at what is on offer.


Here are a few designs that are in the book and still available



If you like what you see here, DM or pop in or contact Sara via her instagram account @sararabbit

Scottish tattoo convention 2017

We are excited to be returning to the 7th annual Scottish tattoo convention.

Roberto Poliri, Kyle Smith, Ross Grant and Sara Gallacher will all be working this years convention.

All artists will be doing walk ups for the full weekend.

Check out our Facebook for more of each artists work

Fiona 2016

We have seen the piercing side of land ahoy go from strength to strength over the past few years, this year being no exception. We have expanded our range of body jewellery and upgraded our basic jewellery brand.

Here are a few of the most popular piercings of 2016. More piecing pictures on fiona’s Instagram via @fionathomsonbodypiercing

There is no need to make a booking for piercing, Fiona is in every day and walk ins are always welcomed


Roberto 2016

Some of Robertos faves from 2016

loads more of Robertos work can be seen on his instagram @roberto_poliri_tattooer

for booking get in touch via


Kenny 2016

round up of Kennys favourite pieces of 2016, more work available to view on his Instagram @kennylandahoy

for bookings get in touch via


Sara 2016

The newest member of the Land ahoy sara has had a busy wee 6month run since joining the studio. here are some of her favourite pieces of that time.

You can see lots more work via her instagram @sararabbit

for bookings get in touch


Kyle 2016

Some of Kyle’s favourite pieces from 2016. You can see much more work from Kyle via his Instagram page @kylesmithtattooer


for booking get in touch

Ross 2016

Some of Ross’s favourite pieces from this year. You can see more of his work via his instagram page @williamrossgrant

Ross would enjoy doing more like these, get in touch and book in




We would like to wish all our clients, friends and family a very Happy New Year!
We would like to also take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our clients for their continued support. It has been another great year for us and we have added another member to our fantastic team ( Well done to Sara for surviving the land ahoy madness!)
We wish you all the very best for 2017!