Land Ahoy Pride 2017

Our Pride Flash day raised an absolutely amazing £1000 for Stonewall Scotland
We are SO PLEASED with, not only how much we raised for such a worthy charity, but we are proud to welcome EVERYBODY into our shop to celebrate individuality, differences and overall Pride.
We can’t thank everybody involved enough, thank you to Pie in the Sky and Smack my Pitch up for creating and selling their amazing crafts in the shop, Dave for photographing the entire day, Gray for baking for our bake sale. To Allan, Michael, Ross, Cameron and greig for their endless high spirits and for working relentlessly to make the day run as smooth as it did.
Finally, thank you to everybody who shared our posts and spread the word for us, everybody who got involved made a positive difference and it has absolutely paid off. We hope you all have an amazing Pride, and all will ALWAYS be welcome in Land Ahoy