Hare from Sara

One from her sketch book, Sara loves tattooing animals and has a full sketch book of designs ready to go

get in touch @sararabbit on insta

or [email protected]

Helix with a 5 stone cluster

Healed Freckles by Fiona


Beautifully healed freckles for this Babe <3

Stolen client photo


If you are interested in freckles, or any other cosmetic tattooing procedures, get in touch

[email protected]


[email protected]

Doyle approved!

Kenny tattooed the Doyle logo on shop pal, Maryline, right before she went to see him play while on tour in Glasgow.

Safe to say he liked it!

Sailor Jerry promo extention

Kenny will be running his Sailor Jerry promo until the end of April.

Come in and have a look through our Sailor Jerry books and pick yourself a bargain.