Valentines designs from Sergi Besa


Designs from sergi will be one offs, with each piece being done one time only.


If you would like to book in for Sergis valentines designs

email or pop in

Constellation freckles

Some romance in land ahoy, Marcus got some freckles tattooed in a Cancer constellation pattern for his love ?


If you are interested in freckles email us [email protected]

Another one from Marcus’s ‘Get what you get” promo

Not long left on this ‘get what you get promo’

Marcus Deans teamed up with Sailor Jerry in celebration of the tattoo legends birthday (Jan 14) to bring you a awesome promo


Throw a dart at our Sailor Jerry dart board and let fate choose your new tattoo.

£50 gets you one dart

you can by extra darts for £10 (max 2)

£20 to get yourself booked in


we still have a few Sailor Jerry goodie bags to give away with this promo, so get yourself booked in before the end of Jan



New brows for Natalie.


Microbladed brows by Fiona Thomson. For info on all cosmetic tattooing treatements on offer, email us [email protected]

Valentines flash from Marcus Deans


Marcus hasn’t quite gotten to grips with 2019 yet ?

Here is his first sheet for this years Valentine’s Day.


Marcus will be offering all these pieces for the whole month of Feb.

Drop in to make a booking.



Lash line enhancement from Fiona Thomson


Freshly done lash line enhancement tattoo by Fiona Thomson. This is tattooed eyeliner right at the root of the lash.

The liner will soften slightly once healed, giving a subtle look without any need for make up.


For all cosmetic tattooing treatment information email us [email protected]



Lash line enhancement by Fiona

Fresh lash line enhancement.

This is liner applied right at the root of the lash. Giving your eyes a subtle pop without the need for make up.

This will settle slightly softer once healed.


Healed lip tattoo by Fiona

Beautiful healed lips by Fiona Thomson.

Pictures show, healed after 6 weeks.

What they looked like before they were tattooed and then how they looked right after. As you can see the colour softens to give a more subtle look.

For all enquires please email [email protected]

for more images of lip tattooing and other cosmetic tattooing procedures check out @fionathomsonstudio on instagram



Get what you get tattoo promo

To celebrate the birthday of tattoo legend Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, Marcus will be running a “get what you get” promo in association with our good friends at @sailorjerry. 

Just £50 gets you a dart. 

Test your skills and throw the dart at the sailor jerry board and let fate choose your new tattoo. 

First 25 people to book in will get a limited edition sailor jerry goodie bag 

Booking now open for January.

  • £50 gets you one dart 
  • £10 for additional darts (2 max)
  • You MUST be 18 to book in
  • Designs from Flash sheet only 
  • January 2019 only
  • For full terms and conditions get in touch. 

Some of the ones done over the last few days