Beatson tattoos and piercings from Fiona Thomson

Well what can we say, Fiona worked her butt off for this Charity day!


Not  only piercing, tattooing and baking for this charity event, she also co organised the whole thing with Sara.

Putting in long hours in the studio getting stuff ready and then at home making her famous “slutty Brownies” along with all the Vegan and Gluten free treats you all enjoyed over the 2 days.

We would never get through these events without Fiona working away in the background. We are very thankful for all her efforts 💛🖤💛


Here are some of the piercings and tattoos done by Fiona over the 2 days

Beatson tattoos by Sara Gallacher

Sara not only tattooed at our Beatson event, but she co-organised and ran the whole thing from start to finish.

Sara is the main driving force behind our charity days ⭐️ Her ideas and drive get the whole team involved and make the days the success they have been.

Huge thank you to Sara for all her efforts.

Here are her tattoos from both days

Beatson Tattoos from Marcus Deans

Some of the pieces done by Marcus Deans over our 2 day Beatson event.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Beatson website to see why we chose this charity for our big charity flash day.


Beatson tattoos by Kyle Smith

Regular guest Kyle Smith was with us for our Beatson flash days.

Here are a few of the tattoos done by Kyle over the 2 days

Beatson tattoos from Kenny Mitchell

Studio owner, Kenny Mitchell, would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported us during our Beatson Flash weekend. Not only to the clients for their support shown towards our chosen charity and to the studio itself, but to all the Land Ahoy staff, all the people who gave up their free time to help out during the run up and the days themselves. We could have not made it all happen without you all.


Here are Kenny’s tattoos from the days


Beatson tattoos from Ross Grant

Ross Grant took on an insane amount of tattoos over our beatson weekend.

Ross would like to thank every one of his clients who came, got tattooed and showed a huge level of support for the Beatson.

Here are his tattoos from the 2 days

An extra thank you

A wee extra thank you to Greig Cunningham 🐝

Our Beatson weekend fell on Greigs Birthday 🥳

Greig spent the whole weekend dressed as Bella Bee for us, giving up not only his free time but his birthday. Don’t worry, we did still find time to celebrate with some cake 🎂

Apparently Greig was a natural in the Bella roll and from the pictures, videos and public response we are inclined to agree.

Thanks for being a runner, champion tea maker and all round good egg 🤗



Additional thank you to The Beatson for allowing us the use of Bella Bee over our flash days.

Please go over to the beatsons website to see exactly what they do and why we chose them to support.


It took a village to organise our Beatson weekend, many hours of dedicated folk working hard in their free time.
🐝So a huge thank you to Cameron Houston for taking time out of his own jobs to help us run both days, without your help  we couldn’t have done this.
🐝 Thank you to Wee Aldo for giving up his days off to run our lucky dip dart game, for never dropping his smile and being a constant ray of sunshine ☀️
🖤 thank you so much to Natalie Welsh for the many late nights spent baking nearly our entire bake sale at your own expense and then running the bake sale for 2 days, anybody that treated themselves at our bake sale can agree that she did an amazing job!
🐝 Thank you to Rob Thomson, who spent many hours designing all of our posters, vouchers and editing all our prints. He also ran about for us on the whole event and run up to it.
🖤 thank you to greig Cunningham, who’s birthday was on Friday and he spent it being Bella the Bee (he’s a natural apparently!), and for giving your time to our event
💛 thank you to @paul frame for encouraging us from day 1, and most importantly bringing us snacks!
🐝thank you to Karyn, our Beatson representative, who ran about helping us wherever possible with a smile, your involvement and encouragement means the world to us
🖤 thank you to all of our raffle contributors, Sailor Jerryy, @lrnailbar, @kohipoke @thespiritualist Kirsty, Paesano Pizza, @organics – show these generous businesses some love.
🐝 finally the Land Ahoy team – Kennytheduke Mitchelluke , Ross Grant , Marcus Deans , Sergi and Kyle Smith . The back pain is all worth it lads, yous burst yer humps, done damn well and should be very proud 👏
🖤This entire day was organised almost exclusively by Sara Gallacher and Fiona Thomson for months, and on top of everything had to tattoo and pierce for two full days straight. Fiona somehow even managed to bake a ton of cakes for the bake sale!
🖤 We are very proud of the work done by everybody in Land Ahoy Tattoos, this has been our most successful charity day by a landslide and we are so grateful to everybody who worked hard for us, and we are proud to be a business in Glasgow supporting our beloved Beatson.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 💛

Our Beatson total!!


we are blown away by our final donation total, we are SO thankful for everybody’s kindness and enthusiasm for our fundraising efforts, and you should be very proud of contributing to a very well deserving cause.

💛🖤 Everybody who shared our posts, got tattooed, pierced, bought cakes, entered the raffle, entered competitions, or just very kindly gave us donations – you did all this!

🐝 this weekend was such a buzz, it was an amazingly positive atmosphere and you were all so generous to give to a cause very close to our hearts. Well done, Glasgow! 🖤💛🐝