New one from Marcus Deans

Fresh little gramophone in the knee ditch. Tattoo by Marcus Deans.

Marcus has loads of similar designs in his sketch book, pop into the studio and check out his work

Fun walk in for Marcus Deans

Fun walk in for Marcus Deans.

Our former apprentice has some availability for tattooing this month. You can drop in and check out his sketch book or bring your own ideas.


Combination brows

Fresh combination brows from Fiona.


Combination brows are microbladed brows with soft shading. This still gives that natural hair stroke but with an added subtle make up look.

If you are interested in microblading, combination brows or any other cosmetic tattooing procedures, head over to

Fully healed freckles constellation

Freckle constellations are a really subtle way to get a meaningful tattoo0, without the bold tattoo look.

If you are interested in freckles or freckle constellations you can get in touch with Fiona directly via

Oi Oi Oi

Kenny would be keen to do more like this, He had a lot of fun doing this Doc Marten

Fresh new lips


Fresh new lip tattoo from Fiona Thomson.


This colour will heal around 60% softer and leave a subtle colour.

Lip tattooing required 2 sessions to complete the look. Giving you a lovely lip colour without the need for lipstick 💋


You can see more examples of Fiona’s work on her website



Beautiful colour match

Freshly done combination brows by Fiona Thomson.


Combination brows add a subtle bit of definition to enhance the look of microblading.

For more information on this or any other cosmetic tattooing procedures please check out Fiona’s website