Limited edition Christmas vouchers

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Well done and thank you to everyone who got their hands on our limited edition Christmas vouchers. We know there will be a lot of you very happy on Christmas morning!


We are now fully sold out of these vouchers.

We do have our normal vouchers available, these can be made out to any value to suit you.



Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We are getting into the Christmas spirit this week, the tree us up and the presents are starting to pile up underneath.


We are almost sold out of our limited edition Christmas gift vouchers.

£100 purchase gets you a £150 voucher

£50 purchase gets you a £75 voucher

£20 purchase gets you a £25 voucher

Email the studio for more information on what is available and how you can get your hands on this great special offer.

Studio upgrades!

We have been making a few changes to Land ahoy over the weekend.

A nice new reception desk and some new flooring in the tattoo room.

We think it looks even better than before, Let us know what you think over on Facebook

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Trash Polka tattoos by Kyle

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Kyle is looking to do more trash polka styled tattoos.

Kyle would like to do some large scale work in this style, he will be doing a discounted hourly rate on this work.

Like what you see here? email your enquiries to [email protected]

Roberto’s sketch books for sale

Roberto has a set of 4 sketch books available in the studio for £50

email [email protected] for more information and all enquiries.


Limited edition Christmas vouchers are back!

Christmas is creeping up on us so quickly this year and we have the perfect gift for you.



We will be launching our limited edition christmas vouchers on Tuesday 3rd November.

These will be on a first come, first served basis. They are ONLY available in the studio.

£100 purchase will get you a voucher valued at £150

£50 purchase will get you a voucher valued at £75

£20 purchase will get you a voucher valued at £25

Vouchers can be used towards tattoos, piercings, laser removal or jewellery. All vouchers are valid for 3 months.

We will have our standard gift vouchers available also. These can be made out to any value.

Fiona is off to Las Vegas!

There will be no piercing or laser removal until Friday 23rd Oct, apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Fiona is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, turning 23 again!
She is heading off to Las Vegas for the week, We are not jealous in the slightest!
Hope you have an amazing time, and a very happy birthday. We are taking appointments for her return, pop in and get yourselves booked in.
Any enquiries please email [email protected]


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Roberto’s halloween flash



Roberto has these designs available for just £80 for the whole of October.


New T-shirts



New t-shirts now available in the studio.

Sizes in  S –  XXL