Limited edition Christmas vouchers are back!

Christmas is creeping up on us so quickly this year and we have the perfect gift for you.



We will be launching our limited edition christmas vouchers on Tuesday 3rd November.

These will be on a first come, first served basis. They are ONLY available in the studio.

£100 purchase will get you a voucher valued at £150

£50 purchase will get you a voucher valued at £75

£20 purchase will get you a voucher valued at £25

Vouchers can be used towards tattoos, piercings, laser removal or jewellery. All vouchers are valid for 3 months.

We will have our standard gift vouchers available also. These can be made out to any value.

Fiona is off to Las Vegas!

There will be no piercing or laser removal until Friday 23rd Oct, apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Fiona is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, turning 23 again!
She is heading off to Las Vegas for the week, We are not jealous in the slightest!
Hope you have an amazing time, and a very happy birthday. We are taking appointments for her return, pop in and get yourselves booked in.
Any enquiries please email [email protected]


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Roberto’s halloween flash



Roberto has these designs available for just £80 for the whole of October.


New T-shirts



New t-shirts now available in the studio.

Sizes in  S –  XXL


The first of our halloween offerings!

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Kyle will be doing mini horror portraits for the whole month of October for £50
Here are some from Last year as well as some horror villains to spark your ideas.
For bookings and enquiries PM or email us [email protected]

Land ahoy at west coast Harley Davidson Bike launch

Kenny had the pleasure of  working at the launch of the latest Harley Davidson bike.  Along side the talented folks from Rebel Rebel barbers, who were cutting hair at the event. Kenny spent the weekend talking tattoos with bike enthusiasts. Not a bad way to spend the weekend!

A huge thank you to everyone at West coast harley for having us for the weekend, to all the people who came along for a chat, We are looking forward to seeing a few of you over the next few weeks for your new tattoos

Here are a few highlights from the weekend

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Greig, will be out and about all over Glasgow for the next 2 weeks for freshers.

Find him, or anyone else in our PR team and you could get your hands on one of our goodie bags.

Bags will also be given out in the studio, while stocks last, for all new tattoo, piercing or laser bookings. Get in quick to avoid missing out!

Our goodie bags have some awesome freebies from all our sponsors including Sailor Jerry, Lucky7 canteen, Harley Davidson and of course US!

Bane from Kyle