Lash line enhancement by Fiona

Fresh lash line enhancement.

This is liner applied right at the root of the lash. Giving your eyes a subtle pop without the need for make up.

This will settle slightly softer once healed.


Healed lip tattoo by Fiona

Beautiful healed lips by Fiona Thomson.

Pictures show, healed after 6 weeks.

What they looked like before they were tattooed and then how they looked right after. As you can see the colour softens to give a more subtle look.

For all enquires please email [email protected]

for more images of lip tattooing and other cosmetic tattooing procedures check out @fionathomsonstudio on instagram



Get what you get tattoo promo

To celebrate the birthday of tattoo legend Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, Marcus will be running a “get what you get” promo in association with our good friends at @sailorjerry. 

Just £50 gets you a dart. 

Test your skills and throw the dart at the sailor jerry board and let fate choose your new tattoo. 

First 25 people to book in will get a limited edition sailor jerry goodie bag 

Booking now open for January.

  • £50 gets you one dart 
  • £10 for additional darts (2 max)
  • You MUST be 18 to book in
  • Designs from Flash sheet only 
  • January 2019 only
  • For full terms and conditions get in touch. 

Some of the ones done over the last few days


Happy New Year

🍾That’s a wrap! 

We would like to wish all our clients, old and new, a very Happy New Year when it comes! 

2018 has been another great and busy year for us. We have welcomed Sergi Besa and Marcus Deans to our full time team, Fiona has finished her training over in LA and is now offering a full range of cosmetic tattooing. 

The studio has had a mini makeover with Sara and Fiona getting new rooms, our guest room is taking shape and the Jewellery/ apparel shop has been fully transformed. 

We have some big things coming in 2019, kicking the year off with Marcus doing his “get what you get” dart board promo in association with Sailor Jerry and Kenny offering a Sailor Jerry flash promo.

As well as our regular guest artist Kyle Smith, We have some exciting guest artists lined up,  starting out with Lucy Prior in Feb:) 

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all in the 2019

Limited edition Christmas vouchers for cosmetic tattooing

For the first time we will be offering our limited edition vouchers for cosmetic tattooing.

Fiona will be offering all clients who use a limited edition voucher when booking their treatment to book in at the Dec/Jan pricing.

You can use these vouchers towards microblading, lip tattooing, lash enhancement, freckles and all scalp Micropigmentation treatments*



Vouchers are on sale until Dec 22nd.

A £50 spend will get you a voucher worth £75

A £100 spend will get you a voucher worth £150


For all enquires, please get in touch with us via [email protected]

*please note scalp micropigmentation is by consultation ONLY. We do not give out any pricing and you cannot be booked without a full consultation.

Dr Numb


Dr Numb is available in the studio all year round, but why not treat yourself or someone with this pre tattoo numbing cream just in time for a new tattoo.


Idea stocking stuffer at just £30 per tube


Limited edition Christmas vouchers – Kyle Smith

Kyle will be joining in our limited edition Christmas voucher offer

If you would like to continue work, or start something new get in touch with kyle directly via Instagram or facebook or pop in the the studio.


Kyle will be in land ahoy on Dec 28/29/30


A £50 spend will get you a voucher worth £75

a £100 spend will get you a voucher worth £150


vouchers are onsale until Saturday 22nd December



Lash enhancement tattooing by Fiona

Lash enhancement is tattooing done at the root of the lash.

This subtle enhancement will soften slightly once healed.

Giving you a nice eye pop without make up!



Cosmetic tattooing is via appointment only. Please get in touch for further information on any of our cosmetic treatments or pricing enquiries

[email protected]

Limited edition Christmas vouchers- Kenny Mitchell


You can use our limited edition Christmas vouchers with Kenny Mitchell.


Kenny is taking appointments for new and ongoing work from January, Get in touch and book your consultation now.

A £50 spend will get you a voucher worth £75

a £100 spend will get you a voucher worth £150

vouchers are onsale until Saturday 22nd December


Limited edition Christmas vouchers – Sergi Besa

The newest member of our team, Serchi Besa, specialises in Japanese’s tattooing although he can turn his hand to all styles.

He has a varied sketchbook of designs ready to go or happy to draw out your ideas.

You ca use our limited edition Christmas vouchers with Sergi for your new tattoo

A £50 spend will get you a voucher worth £75

a £100 spend will get you a voucher worth £150

vouchers are onsale until Saturday 22nd December