Blackpool Tattoo convention 2019 – Fiona Thomson

Fiona will be tattooing at this years Blackpool tattoo convention, along side the full Land Ahoy team.

Fiona offers Cosmetic tattooing, including freckles, microblading, combination brows, lash line enhancement and lip tattooing.  Fiona also offers Body piercing, Hand poked tattooing and naive styled tattooing. If you are interested in getting work from Fiona, get in touch with her directly via @fionathomsonstudio on Instagram or via her website

Tatcon is on 17th / 18th Aug 2019

you can of course contact us directly.

Blackpool tattoo convention 2019 – Sara Gallacher


Sara will be taking walk ups as well as bookings over the Tatcon weekend this year.

You can contact Sara directly or us to get yourself booked in.

@sararabbit on instagram to see more work or discuss booking with Sara

Tatcon is Aug 17/18

Blackpool tattoo convention 2019 – Ross Grant

Ross Grant will be working at this years Tatcon in Blackpool, alongside the full land ahoy team.

You can contact Ross directly to get yourself booked in over the weekend. He will also be taking walk ups both days.

@s3m3n_d3m3n on Instagram

Blackpool tattoo convention is Sat 17th and Sun 18th Aug

Blackpool tattoo convention 2019


Kenny Mitchell will be working at this years Tatcon in Blackpool alongside the rest of the Land Ahoy team.

Kenny is taking bookings as well as doing walk ups over the weekend, drop him a msg directly or contact us to get yourself booked in


Land Ahoy 13

Big thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating 13 years of Land Ahoy tattoos 🥳

It was great to see so many of you, We had a blast, well maybe not that Karaoke section 😂

An additional thank you to our lovely friends at Sailor Jerry for their generosity as always.

And thank you to the all the staff at Saint Judes bath street, What amazing hosts you were 😊

Healed Freckles


Fully healed facial freckles by Fiona Thomson

All these freckles were hand poked by Fiona.

If you are interested in getting freckles, check out Fiona’s website for more info

The Vegicanicum

If you follow Sara Gallacher on Instagram you will have probably already seen her vegetable tattoo wave.

If you don’t here is a little sample


Sara is getting quite a following for her medieval styled roots and fruits. Get in touch with her directly to get yours @sararabbit

Beatson tattoos and piercings from Fiona Thomson

Well what can we say, Fiona worked her butt off for this Charity day!


Not  only piercing, tattooing and baking for this charity event, she also co organised the whole thing with Sara.

Putting in long hours in the studio getting stuff ready and then at home making her famous “slutty Brownies” along with all the Vegan and Gluten free treats you all enjoyed over the 2 days.

We would never get through these events without Fiona working away in the background. We are very thankful for all her efforts 💛🖤💛


Here are some of the piercings and tattoos done by Fiona over the 2 days

Beatson tattoos by Sara Gallacher

Sara not only tattooed at our Beatson event, but she co-organised and ran the whole thing from start to finish.

Sara is the main driving force behind our charity days ⭐️ Her ideas and drive get the whole team involved and make the days the success they have been.

Huge thank you to Sara for all her efforts.

Here are her tattoos from both days

Beatson Tattoos from Marcus Deans

Some of the pieces done by Marcus Deans over our 2 day Beatson event.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Beatson website to see why we chose this charity for our big charity flash day.