Not long until Tatcon Blackpool

The full land ahoy team are working at this years Blackpool tattoo convention.

Everyone has loads of designs ready for the weekend. You can contact our artists directly to make a booking or just pass by the booth over the weekend and grab yourself a Walk up.

Our artists can be contacted via Instagram

@Kennylandahoy (Kenny Mitchell)

@sararabbit  (Sara Gallacher)

@s3m3n_d3m0n (Ross Grant)

@MD118118yabam (Marcus Deans)

This year we are very pleased to have Fiona joining us over the weekend. Fiona will be offering hand poked tattoos and cosmetic tattooing. If you would like to get brows, lips lash enhancement, freckles or a little hand poked tattoo you can contact Fiona via her website or instagram @fionathomsonstudio


Kyle smith will be rejoining with the land ahoy team over the Tatcon weekend. You can contact Kyle via @no_symmetry on Instagram


We are also pleased to have Dean Moore with us over the weekend. Dean is based in Carlisle and Newcastle with the occasional guest spot with us at Land Ahoy. Dean has a little space left over the weekend. Get in touch with him over on instagram @moobuttabean